Cover Snark (30)

This has been another insane week for covers! There were even more than last week, I think. So let’s keep it simple. Click on the title to add the book on Goodreads. Let me know which you like and which you don’t in the comments!

1. Cold Steel (Spiritwalker #3) – Kate Elliott
 Thoughts: I’ve been a big fan of these covers from the beginning. In fact, I think they’re why I decided to read these books ngl. Much as I liked the cover for Cold Fire, I think this one’s my favorite. I just love the jade green shade, and that sweet sword.
2. Vortex (Insignia #2) – S. J. Kincaid
 Thoughts: The covers for this series bore me. I’m sorry, but they do. I want to read the books, but not for the covers. Seriously, what is with that cheesy looking little tornado thing above the author’s name? Ugh.
3. Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy #2) – Wendy Higgins
 Thoughts: Well, this is way better than the cover for Sweet Evil. This one only makes me laugh a little bit, while that one makes me snort all over the place (not at all attractive). The guy looks so incredibly creepy on the first cover that it just kills me. The only thing that really bothers me about this is her arm placement. I keep thinking he has his arm possessively on her hip, but then realized that’s HER hand in a weird position.
4. Gone Country – Lorelei James
 Thoughts: Oy. Doesn’t this sort of look like the basis for an improv sketch? You know, the one where one person has to stand behind the other and be their arms?
5. Rush (The Game #1) – Eve Silver 
 Thoughts: I like this cover fairly well, but could it look any more like this cover? Yes, I know I’m channeling Chandler Bing.

6. Eight Million Gods – Wen Spencer
 Thoughts: OMG, are chicks with katanas taking out demon raccoons? I THINK THEY ARE. Also, I don’t make bets, but I would almost lay down a fair chunk of change that Wen Spencer has a manga/anime obsession.

7. Embers in a Dark Frost – Kelly Keaton
 Thoughts: Kelly Keaton is self-publishing this book…and it sure shows in the cover. It’s nicer than some, but I really loathe that title font. The dress is a bit odd too.

 Thoughts: Holy crap that’s a long title. I do like that it looks like a notebook cover, and that you can tell he wrote his name on once, and then wrote over it.

9. Striking Distance (I-Team #6) – Pamela Clare
Thoughts: This is pretty good for a romance dude cover. He doesn’t look like Fabio AND he actually looks like he’s been fighting in decently practical clothing. Also, dual wielding is awesome.

10. Impostor (Variants #1) – Susanne Winnacker
 Thoughts: Definitely eye-catching. If you open this up to its largest size, you can totally see the small hairs on her face. Sometimes the picture quality is too good. The tagline reminds me of the song Jane by Ben Folds Five: “everywhere I go, damn there I am.”

11. Equilibrim (Paradox #4) – Pattie Roberts
Thoughts: Why on earth is the series info on here TWICE? This is excessive. She also appears to be having a serious wardrobe malfunction.

12. Keeper of the Black Stones (Stone Ends #1) – PT McHugh
 Thoughts: I really like the title treatment. Only the author name and the way the series info was put on really marks this out as badly self-pub.

13. Severed Heads, Broken Hearts – Robyn Schneider
 Thoughts: Kind of boring. What’s happening here? Why are the words on their legs? What’s the purpose of the red bar up the side?

 Thoughts: Needs more glitter. Also, looks like she has saliva in the corner of her mouth.

15. Unbreakable (Unraveling #2) – Elizabeth Norris
 Thoughts: Wow, I didn’t think this could be worse than the first cover. Seriously, the covers for this series look like covers for a really shitty teen show on the CW. LAMEEEEEEE. Also, what’s with Janelle’s expression and the title looks awful on the background. Just ugh all around.

16. Under an Endless Sky (Granite Lake Wolves) – Vivian Arend

17. Elegy (Hereafter #3) – Tara Hudson
 Thoughts: Thank goodness this one isn’t especially pretty. I almost wanted to read Arise, because of how pretty the cover was, despite how much I loathed Hereafter. This one is not remotely tempting. It does however match the first cover perfectly.

18. The Ward – Jordana Frankel
 Thoughts: I love this! The city buried in water looks so cool and creepy, though I suspect it’s too close to home for some. The one thing I don’t like is the girl in the A. That is lame.

19. One Kiss (Ever After #2) – Nadia Lee
 Thoughts: Well, now you’ve seen the one kiss (and it’s a little bit awkward). Guess that’s all over now.

20. A Darkness Strange and Lovely (Something Strange and Deadly #2) – Susan Dennard
 Thoughts: The cover model still has a bit of a strange face, but I love the background and this dress so much. It totally fits the series and makes me want the book even more than I did before.

21. Fiery Gemstones (Heston Witch) – Cassandra Debrown
 Thoughts: Bahahahahahaha, oh dear. Elpheba? What are you doing here? What really kills me is how you can see where the makeup ends around her eyes.

22. Goddess (Starcrossed #3) – Josephine Angelini
Thoughts: I don’t think I like this one as much as the previous covers for the series. It lacks the color contrast they had between the dress and the sky.

23. The Kiss (Witch & Wizard #4) – James Patterson
 Thoughts: …. Why does she look like that?

24. Mystically Bound (Frostbite #3) – Stacey Kennedy
 Thoughts: How much does this cover want to be part of the Vampire Academy series? SO MUCH.

25. Blood in the Valley (Vigilati #2) – J.K. Hogan
 Thoughts: Another tattoo cover. They do however sell backless shirts and dresses to highlight such things. This chick’s just strolling around topless, which is fine, I guess, but still a bit odd. No clothes would make more sense than some clothes.

26. The Wig in the Window – Kristen Kittscher
 Thoughts: Oh how I love sassy middle grade covers. How adorable!

27. Manipulation (Insight #2) – Jolene Perry
 Thoughts: Mehhhhh. This is so boring and stereotypical. It looks like a “new adult” cover.

28. The Dark Shore (The Atlanteans #2) – Kevin Emerson
 Thoughts: Something feels weird about this to me. I think it’s her hair and outfit. It looks very 1970s, right? Weird.

29. Mia’s Heart (The Paradise Diaries #2) – Courtney Cole
 Thoughts:More awkward kissing. TWO AWKWARD KISSES. This is awful, like someone’s homemade scrapbook.

30. The Journey (Ghost Huntress #6) – Marley Gibson
 Thoughts: PARIS. Could this book be set in Paris by any chance? A nice self pub otherwise, though I think it would be better if it were less busy.

31. Towering – Alex Flinn
 Thoughts: Wow, was that tagline entirely necessary? I mean, we ALL know what Rapunzel is about, and this is pretty obviously Rapunzel. Otherwise, this totally works.

32. Coda – Emma Trevayne
 Thoughts: A bit boring, but I like it. I think I would like it more if the cords were a bit less cartoonish.

33. In the After – Demitria Lunetta
Thoughts: “They destroyed before. Now we live.” Am I the only one who doesn’t think that makes sense? This one is blah and confusing.

34. Awaken (Abandon Trilogy #3) – Meg Cabot
 Thoughts: Why is there still not a bigger image of this cover out there? Mehhhh. I like her dress, but the purple flower filigree, not so much.

35. The End Games – T. Michael Martin
 Thoughts: Okay, this is all kinds of sweet. I like the tagline and the title treatment is INSANELY cool. The trees make monsters. Love, love, love.

36. Mirage (Above World #2) – Jenn Reese
 Thoughts: Okay, but not great, though I, of course, love the horse on the flag.

37. After Daybreak (Darkness Before Dawn #3) – J. A. London
Thoughts: The first cover totally did the pretty dress thing better than the other two. Okay, but not awesome.

38. Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood – Abby McDonald
 Thoughts: Barf. Much as I love Jane Austen, this makes me want to not read it ever.

39. Cog – K. Ceres Wright
 Thoughts: Oh sci fi covers, you so crazy.

40. Belladonna (Secrets of the Eternal Rose #2) – Fiona Paul
Thoughts: Not as pretty as the first one. The font colors are off, I think. It’s also weird that I can’t see her eyes.

42. Betrayals in Spring (The Last Year #3) – Trisha Leigh
Thoughts: They are making a whole face. That’s so awesome! These covers are cooler combined than on their own.

43. Shutdown (Glitch #3) – Heather Anastasiu
Thoughts: Of the three covers in this series, I think this is the best one. Unfortunately, Glitch was awful.

44. The Grass Is Always Greener (Belles #3) – Jen Calonita
Thoughts: Ew. This sucks. The colors and the font and her insufferable expression. No, no, no.

45. Weather Witch – Shannon Delaney
Thoughts: This looks like Dark Shadows, though maybe only because I’m watching that right now. Actually, I think that’s what happened. This is okay, but not especially unique.

46. Undercurrent – Paul Blackwell
Thoughts: Oooh, creepy tagline. This reminds me a lot of the cover for The Murmurings.

47. Golden Girl (American Fairy Trilogy #2) – Sarah Zettel
Thoughts: Prettttyyyyy, but this doesn’t match the first book in the series at all. Very 1920s, right? I want that dress like whoa.

48. Nightingale (Bigtime #4) – Jennifer Estep
Thoughts: I feel like this is a romance, but it doesn’t really seem to fit with the cover.
 49. Praefatio (Praefatio #1) – Georgia McBride
 Thoughts: PFFFT.
50. Wild Invitation (Psy-Changeling (#0.5&3.5) – Nalini Singh
 Thoughts: Shirtless dude does San Francisco.

51. The Testing – Joelle Charboneau
Thoughts: Ew. What is that? Sigh.
52. Fated (Serendipity #1.75) – Carly Phillips
 Thoughts: For a novella cover, this is very nice. Usually people just slap something together for those, but this looks like a real cover. The town behind them looks adorable.

53. Tight Knit – Allie Brennan
Thoughts: She looks SO WARM. I am so cold right now, so I approve.

54. You – Austin Grossman
Thoughts: Look at the cute lil’ robot!
Cover Battle 1: Blood Fugue – Keshia Swaim
Option 1 vs. Option 2: Spencer HIll Press decided to do something pretty cool and let the fans choose from the two possible covers. Unfortunately, they both suck and blow. I choose NEITHER.
Cover Battle 2: Vortex (Tempest #2) – Julie Cross
First Attempt vs. Redesign: First they redesigned book one’s cover and now they’re redesigning book two. Chill out, people. Mostly I don’t care between the two, but this new one looks too similar color-wise to the Tempest‘s cover.
Cover Battle #3: Spellbound (Spellbound #1) – Cara Lynn Shultz 
English vs. German: While I’m not especially enamored of the US cover, the German cover looks so Lifetime movie. I also don’t know why it says ‘mystery’ up top.

Cover Battle 4: City (Zom-B #3) – Darren Shan
US vs. UK: The UK covers probably appeal more to the audience, but, for me, they’re too much. I just don’t want to look at that clown.
 WTF of the Week:  Love All (Game, Set, Match, Heartbreak #1) – Kelly Hashway
 Thoughts: Bahaha, that series name. She has an unfortunate face, and maybe looks like a high schooler. The dudes sure don’t which is creepy as fuck. Also, she has a handful of balls.

Outstanding Cover of the Week:
The End Games by 
T. Michael Martin

19 responses to “Cover Snark (30)”

  1. Wow thanks for this post! There are so many great covers released this week. I like the one for The Ward and Imposter. Also both are books I am really looking forward to.

  2. haha I love this post! had a few laughs on the expense of some of the covers here and there. I’ve gotta say, some of these covers I didn’t know were out there so thanks for spotlighting them!

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. Hi, Christina!

    My name is Mike (“T. Michael”) Martin, and I wrote THE END GAMES. Thank you so much for your kind words about the cover.

    If there’s ever anything I can do for you or your terrific blog, please let me know. Thanks again, and happy November!

    Mike Martin

  4. Steena says:

    Sweet Peril: I thought the same thing about the arms. I was really put off at how long that would have made his left arm.

    RUSH: I want this to be a Greek Life Dystopia. I’d read that.

    Eight Million Gods: Sigh. I like this cover so much except for that poor excuse for a skirt. Now I have to dislike it based on principle.

    Under An Endless Sky: Hey Girl, I’m a wolf and I’m endangered. Donate to the National Parks.

    Elegy: Why is she only partly incorporeal? Is she a ghost becoming solid? Or a person turning into a ghost?

    One Kiss: That’s a terrible kiss! And he has a very unattractive profile. And if that book were a pack of Orbit Spearmint gum, I would believe this more.

    Fiery Gemstones: Was there a reason to change the title color at the half mark?

    Blood in the Valley: Is she taking the dress off? Maybe she’s putting it on because she just transformed back out of her raven form (note the feathers, also her name is Raven). Maybe she’s going skinny dipping.

    The Wig in the Window: I love this cover.

    Manipulation: You’re really stuck on that “new adult” thing, huh? (As you should be, it’s very lame.)

    Ghost Hunters: Agreed all around. Maybe if it had just the Ouija board as the backdrop.

    Towering: I understand there’s only so much you can do but could they have made those look less like extensions? There are women with hair this long, hire them.

    Cog: Except for the floating head, I like this. The Art Deco, paper cut out look works for me.

    Golden Girl: In love.

    Praefatio: Yeeerrrrg…

    Tight Knit: I feel covers like this immediately limit themselves. I enjoy this cover now but I probably won’t when it’s 110 in August.

    Love All: An Olsen twin has to choose between Peeta and the brother from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

    I’m with you on this week’s win.

    • Christina says:

      Sweet Peril: That arm placement is just ODD.

      Rush: Oh man, now I want that! Dang it! I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Oh wait. No, I don’t want that. Divergent was like that and it was BAD.

      Eight Million Gods: It’s very much the inappropriate school girl thing. I’m telling you: addicted to anime.

      Under an Endless Sky: This wolf brought to you by Ryan Gosling.

      Elegy: She’s a ghost. Maybe she becomes a person. I don’t know. The series is fucking stupid, though, or, at least, the first book was.

      One Kiss: Very bad kiss. Very bad. Haha. THE FRESHMAKER.

      Fiery Gemstones: Because of the background color change I guess, but white really would have worked all the way across.

      Blood in the Valley: Ooh, maybe she did just shift back. Good thinking.

      The Wig in the Window: So cute! This was my number 2.

      Manipulation: Yes, I am, but it gives me the RAGE!

      Ghost Huntress: I actually love the image of the person running under the Eiffel Tower.

      Towering: Someone call Jen stat!

      Cog: The floating head is very A Wrinkle in Time.

      Golden Girl: I know! It’s such a shame it doesn’t match the series.

      Tight Knit: Good thing it’s coming out during winter.

      Love All: LOL. So weird.

  5. KM says:

    As much as I enjoyed Elizabeth Norris’s first book and am looking forward to the second one, I have to agree with you – the covers really are unfortunate. Like, there was so much potential. It’s about different UNIVERSES! It’s got so much action! The MC outwits the FBI! I mean, come on. These book deserve way better covers, I’m just saying.

  6. Christina! *weakly tries to stand up after rolling on the floor and laughing too much* Where do you find these train wrecks?!
    That’s amazing.
    First, LOVE: 1,2,18,31,32,33,35,47
    SWEET PERIL – am I the only one who noticed the incredibly stoned expression of her eyes? She is either high on weed or has a really bad flu.
    20. I’ve already remarked on this dress at Susan’s page. The bodice is really ugly close up. It doesn’t follow any historical fashion, doesn’t flatter the girl and is certainly NOT steampunk. Everything else is lovely just not this.
    21. so incredibly ugly.
    23. very 90s! The artist must have been reminiscing…
    34. Sorry, whoever made this cover, have you tried to sit like that for more than few seconds? That will give you stitches in no time.
    49. I’m sorry but all I can see in that title is FAT! Total fail for me.
    Blood Fugue – what a fail! I’ve seen these on a few blogs… Words fail me. This is one of the reasons I don’t do cover reveals. I can’t fawn over a really bad cover. I refuse to lie.
    LOVE ALL is very creepy. The bodybuilder guy is bad… Just look at his face! Would you trust him? She looks like she is 15 maximum, and they are like college students.
    Phew, thanks for such an outstanding selection again! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Hahaha, the internet gives me the train wrecks, because it knows laughter is the best medicine.

      They’re not ALL bad. Haha.

      I didn’t think she looked stoned so much as like she wanted to murder me in my sleep.

      10: Yeah, I see what you’re saying, but it looks so interesting!

      23: I guess. UGH.

      34: Hahaha, they’ve also got a fan going right next to them.

      49: Bahaha

      Blood Fugue: They’re so awful. That’s why I don’t participate in cover reveals either. I just do this.

      SO CREEPY.

  7. you have made the cover whore in me very happy. *now to get her to calm down and stop jumping*

  8. Krystianna says:

    I absolutely love the cover of Vortex! I’m going to have to start reading S.J. Kincaid’s Insignia soon! I really like the cover of Rush as well. I can’t wait to finally read it!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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