Cover Snark (29)

Due to the large number of covers this week and some technical difficulties, namely blogger thinking ctrl-Z means delete every fucking word of the post when it was almost finished instead of removing the last bit of typing and deciding that closing without saving the changes meant the changes should be saved (I need a drink), I’m not going to be including the series covers this week, only the new one, except in some rare cases.

1: Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) – Charlaine Harris
Thoughts: The covers for this series were always strange, but I think they’ve gotten weirder. I’m pretty sure this cover only makes sense if you take LSD, because this looks very “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” to me. What this should have been is a picture of Alexander Skarsgard. Just saying.
2: Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four (Shapers #1) – Nya Jade
Thoughts: Yawn. You can tell she’s not human because she has crazy makeup. Also not sure what’s up with the orange stuff. Crazy clothing?
3: Reboot (Reboot #1) – Amy Tintera
 Thoughts: Love the simplicity of this one and how well it fits the title. I also love that the tagline is something that could only apply to this particular book.

4: Day After (The 19th Year #2) – Emi Gayle
Thoughts: He has kind of a ridiculous face. Also, I loathe that tagline, and abhor the ghost of a person on the bottom right.

5: Transparent – Natalie Whipple
 Thoughts: I’m sure lots of people love this, but I really don’t like it. The colors are too bright and off putting, like she’s in the middle of a circus or getting arrested by the cops. I don’t like crowd of people walking through her or that she looks like she’s ready to perform on stage. It’s a sad day when the part I like best about a cover is the tagline.

6: Arclight – Josin L. McQuein
Thoughts: Again, I’m just really not a fan of the cover palette for this one, and my favorite part is the tagline. Still, this cover does capture my eye and engage my curiosity, so that’s good.

7: Inception (The Reaping Chronicles #1) – Teal Haviland
Thoughts: I see another ghost person in the background! Stop with the ghost people, cover designers. Otherwise, I actually find this quite appealing, even if I keep making movie jokes in my head.

8: Dirty Little Christmas (Marisela Morales #3) – Julie Leto
 Thoughts: Bahaha, she’s sexy-posing by herself with a gun in front of her fake-ass Christmas tree. Also, she appears to be unwrapping herself like a present. I guess no one gave her any real gifts.

9: Captivated by You (Superstars in Love #1) – Diane Alberts
Thoughts: Or, more accurately, Captivated by Myself.

10: Shadow of the Mark (Carrier Trilogy #2) – Leigh Fallon
Thoughts: Second verse: same as the first. Let’s count the changes, shall we: 1) dress color 2) dress train extra poofy 3) body tilted differently 4) series info added to the bottom 5) clouds darker. That’s it. Even better, if you look closely, you can tell that they are, in fact, using the exact same image. They’ve inverted it and changed the dress train and color to try to make it look different, but it is NOT. Lazy designers, you get NO POINTS.

11: Ashes on the Waves – Mary Lindsey

Thoughts: I am disappoint. I expected awesomeness from this cover, but I find it entirely mediocre and poorly done too. She appears to be holding up her dress train like she’s curtsying to the sky, which is ridiculous. However, the big problem is how photoshopped it looks. Also, that title font doesn’t fit at all.

12: Charmed Vengeance (The Aether Chronicles #2) – Suzanne Lazear

 Thoughts: For a cover that obviously had a lot of work put into it, this is awful. I do love the steampunkishness of the cover. However, why are they mud-splattered? They’re on a freaking dirigible, and, to my knowledge, those aren’t generally muddy. Perhaps there’s a poo-flinging monkey resident on this ship that really hates these guys? I get that they were trying to imply all of the action and adventure by not having the models look perfect and clean. Unfortunately, it just looks stupid because of how shiny and perfect their hair and clothes look (except for a few spots of mud on her left sleeve. The rest of her clothing, however is so clean it glints.

13: Man Drought – Rachael Johns

Thoughts: This ground right here is parched just like our vaginas.

14: High Risk (Adrenaline #1) – Vivian Arend

Thoughts: Mostly, this is a boring romance cover, however I love that she’s got her hair in a messy ponytail. Authenticity for the win!

15: Nantucket Blue – Leila Howland

Thoughts: Laaaaame. Also, when will we stop romanticizing beach makeout sessions and/or sex? You know what’s the opposite of sexy? Sand EVERYWHERE.

16: Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X #1) – Richelle Mead

Thoughts: I find this cover boring, but I still want this book like burning.

17: Security – Mandy Baggott

 Thoughts: So I find this VERY confusing. On the cover reveal page, this book got compared to James Bond. This cover does not say James Bond at all. For an indie title, it looks nice, I guess, though so not like anything I’m interested in personally.

18: Unresisting (Unresisting #1) – Shane Morgan

Thoughts: In my mind, this is the author and/or cover designer’s thought process: “There’s nothing readers love more than a woman who knows her place and doesn’t fight back! I’ll make sure they know that’s what my book is about by calling my book and series Unresisting. Then, on the cover, I’ll put a girl in a dress, because ladies don’t wear pants. The dress will be purple, because that’s the girliest color (except for pink, which isn’t edgy enough). Oooh, I know, I’ll have her kneel and bow her head in supplication. Yeah, that’s hot! Let’s see, I should put the title on in pretty much the same shade as the background, because that looks AWESOME. Now all I need to finish up is a catchy tagline like ‘Destiny ignites as the truth unfolds.’ I like it, only I think it looks more menacing with an ellipsis. Hell yeah, I love my cover.”

19: Emblaze (The Violet Eden Chapters #3) – Jessica Shirvington

 Thoughts: The cover designers clearly regret their design for Embrace, because these last two are nothing like it, except for the fonts. It’s a good change, though, since the wings on Embrace were awful. I still think this looks like an adult paranormal romance, not YA though. Also, her hair looks weird and I don’t know why there are black feathers floating in the air, since her wings are translucent.

20: A Conspiracy of Alchemists (The Chronicles of Light and Shadow #1) – Liesel Schwarz

 Thoughts: Just so you know, THIS BOOK IS SET IN PARIS. I actually like this quite a bit, although I think the title font could be better, and I’m not sure about her absurdly tiny hat.

21: Witch Fire (Burn Mark #2) – Laura Powell

 Thoughts: The covers for this series aren’t particularly unique, but I do like them. They remind me a lot of the False Memory covers actually.

22: The Cursed (The League of the Black Swann #1) – Alyssa Day

 Thoughts: “Jackets look best without shirts.” Said by no one ever. Seriously, that dude’s wearing a full length coat with no shirt. He also appears to be sporting a mullet. Perhaps odder is how proud this cover is that this book is in print for the first time. Well, yeah, because it’s just now being in published. She’s not a debut author switching from self-publication, so I don’t get why this needs to be on the cover.

23: Kiss of Temptation (Deadly Angels #3) – Sandra Hill

Thoughts: *snort* Oh my, that wasn’t very ladylike. Do pardon me. Seriously, though, I’m supposed to find HIM tempting? Really? REALLY

24: Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel (Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel #1) – Robert Venditti, adapter

 Thoughts: Graphic novelizations: the sure sign that an author only cares about making money. Look at this shit! Are they even trying?

25: Icons (Icons #1) – Margaret Stohl

Thoughts: This color is awful. Also, lens flare. Great. And it’s a dystopia, which means I’ll have to read it. *headdesk*

26: Wolf with Benefits (Pride #8) – Shelly Laurenston

Thoughts: Make sure you go check out the other covers/titles in this series, because they are priceless. I actually approve of them because they’re so obviously tongue in cheek.

27: Another Little Piece – Kate Karyus Quinn

 Thoughts: I actually really like this one, even if her outfit looks very Carrie in Sex and the City. I could do without the tagline, but otherwise approve.

28: Life After Theft – Aprilynne Pike

 Thoughts: I also like this one, though largely for the title. It’s well done too.

29: Affliction – Laurell K. Hamilton

 Thoughts: Book 22? Will this series ever end? Oy. Also, I’m curious as to why they decided to cover up the woman’s face with blue construction paper.

30: Born of Illusion – Teri Brown

 Thoughts: I like this one, though I would be afraid to say otherwise, since I think the model would hunt me down and kill me with her mind powers. If you could see both eyes, the power in them might turn you to stone.

31: Descent of Blood & Ascent of Blood (Red Veil #0.5-1) – Elizabeth Marx

Thoughts: You can thank Kayla Beck of Bibliophilia, Please for finding these two. Don’t you just love when you can tell how much the models hate that their careers have come to this?

32: Demonosity – Amanda Ashby

 Thoughts: Cute, though it definitely skews younger. I really don’t know why the shoes have to be all undone though.

33: Frozen – Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston

 Thoughts: Other than the fact that I don’t approve of splitting a single word across two lines, I like this quite a bit.

34: Golden Boy – Tara Sullivan

 Thoughts: TOO. MUCH. WHITE.

35: House of Secrets – Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini

 Thoughts: Middle grade awesomeness. Is that a pirate ship house? Fantastic.

36: Loki’s Wolves (Blackwell Pages #1) – K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr

 Thoughts: Kelley Armstrong + Melissa Marr? Be still, my book-loving heart! This one is also made of middle grade awesomeness. I love how menacing the wolves look and how ready that girl is to take them out with a stick.

37: Omens (Cainsville #1) – Kelley Armstrong

Thoughts: The intentionally blurry style is not one I particularly approve of. Mostly, I’m bored, but I do like the color scheme a lot.

38: The Life Beyond (The Other Life #2) – Suzanne Winnacker

Thoughts: I much prefer the UK covers to the US style, but the US ones fit the subject matter better. Can we stop comparing everything to The Hunger Games please? This series is about humans turned into cannibalistic monsters by a strain of disease and is not at all like The Hunger Games, except that scary things happen.

39: A Spear of Summer Grass – Deanna Raybourn

 Thoughts: Oooh, I like this, though perhaps just because it’s so different from the others. I can’t help wondering why she would wear her flapper dress for a jaunt into the African countryside, though.

40: The Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy #1) – Jennifer A. Nielsen

 Thoughts: Yawn. This is even more boring than the first cover in the series. Also, very much calls to mind The Warrior Heir.

41: September Girls – Bennett Madison

 Thoughts: Under water is a stupid place to make out. Unless they’re mermaids. Are they? Pretty, though, ngl.

42: Parallel – Lauren Miller

 Thoughts: This wasn’t on my tbr, but this cover = automatic add.

43: This Strange and Familiar Place (So Close to You #2) – Rachel Carter 

Thoughts: This looks a lot like the So Close to You cover. It’s cool that her hair appears to have grown, and I like the sky better in this one. So I declare this an improvement.

Cover Battle 1: Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles #1) – Jessica Spotswood

Hardback vs. Paperback: The hardback is one of my very favorite covers and the paperback looks like ABC family movie based on the book. Ugh.

Cover Battle 2: Scent of Magic (Healer #2) – Maria V. Snyder

US vs. UK: Neither one’s great, but the US ones are so freaking cheesy. At least the UK one looks kind of badass.

Cover Battle 3: If I Should Die (Revenants #3) – Amy Plum

Take 1 vs. Take 2: The cover on the left was revealed a couple weeks back, and I can definitely see why they might redesign it, since I made fun of it forever. Unfortunately, this isn’t better. In fact, I think it’s a bit worse. The filigree is, thankfully, no longer in the shape of a heart, but there’s EVEN MORE of it and it’s an obnoxious shade of yellow. They needed to have less, not more. They did change the dress from a blah brown to red, but it doesn’t pop anymore than it did before. The title font does match the previous books, so that element is better. They’ve also mostly taken out the reflection on the water to the right of her body, which is odd.

Cover Battle 4: Legacy of the Clockwork Key (Secret Order of Modern Amusementists #1) – Kristin Bailey

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Woo, a redesign I approve of! While I still think that bird looks lame, this is worlds better than that first one, especially because it manages to convey that the book is steampunk.

Cover Battle 5: Night School – C.J. Daugherty

 UK vs. US: Honestly, I didn’t know this wasn’t published in the US. Anyway, I love the new cover. It looks so creepy and awesome.

Cover Battle 6: The Becoming (The Becoming #1) – Jessica Meigs

Original vs. Redesign: Good choice to redesign. This looks nice now.

Cover Battle 7: Ground Zero (The Becoming #2) – Jessica Meigs

Original vs. Redesign: Again, an improvement, although I much prefer the cover with the lady on it.

Cover Battle 8: How to Lead a Life of Crime – Kirsten Miller

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Actually, I prefer the simpler cover. The redesign looks a little to reminiscent of Anna Dressed in Blood.

Cover Battle 9: The Dead and Buried – Kim Harrington

US vs. UK: The redesigned US cover lost in the battle to the first design, and now it loses to the UK cover, which I find both haunting and beautiful. I will praise the US cover for not having a lame tagline though. “She wants revenge.”

Cover Battle 10: Perception – Kim Harrington

 US vs. UK: This time, though, the US has it. Though lens flare isn’t my favorite, it works much better on the US cover. I also don’t like the spots all over the UK one or the fact that her bangs completely cover her right eye. The UK one has a better tagline, though.

WTF of the Week: Beer and Groping in Las Vegas – Angela Quarles

 Thoughts: The title alone qualifies this as a WTF of the week. However, what really makes this cover so hilariously awful is the blurb at the top. I can in no way fathom how a book with this title and cover image could ever appeal to fans of those things.

Outstanding Covers
of the Week:  
Reboot by Amy Tintera & Parallel by Lauren Miller

29 responses to “Cover Snark (29)”

  1. M.A.D. says:

    (hands Christina a virtual rum & coke – heavy on the rum) … oh, the ctrlZ thing so sucks! I truly feel for ya!

    Reboot – yes, me likes that one too, especially as there’s no angel wings or butterflies, or butterflies w/angel wings.

  2. Joanne Levy says:

    You know I love your weekly snark.

  3. Kat Balcombe says:

    1 = just plain weird.

    2 – the eyes, the eyes! Argh!

    3 – want, love, gush etc.

    4 – that dude is creepy.

    5 – waaaaaaaaay too much going on. Confused!

    6 – I might have liked that better without the face. Down with faces!

    7 – hmmm, maybe, but then again, maybe not.

    8 – That’s totally what I do at Christmas. I get up real early, wrap myself up and then undo myself, over and over again. It’s FUN!

    9 – Poser. Twat. Both apply.

    10 – Cheapskates! Didn’t like the original, don’t like the second.

    11 – Hate that font, and what’s with the belt thingy – it’s so far below her waist…maybe it’s a chastity belt?!

    12 – Cheesepunk!

    13 – hahahahahahahahahahhaah. Oh, and hahahahahaha.

    14 – Blah

    15 – Sand is not sexy. Those who think it is have simply not experienced sand rash. Nuff said.

    16 – Considering it has a face, not too bad. I do like the flock of birds.

    17 – For some reason, my first thought was ‘pole dancer’

    18 – Grow some balls, woman!

    19 – What is on her arm? If it’s a tattoo, it’s terrible.

    20 – I’m with you on the font thingy.

    21 – That chopper is SO gonna get her!

    22 – Not in this lifetime.

    23 – ‘Look how low I can wear my pants. I am pure badass’

    24 – See ya.

    25 – Just hope for a redesign.

    26 – The fucking EYES again!

    27 – Not bad, I like the font. Very edgy.

    28 – At least she doesn’t have hairy nostrils. Teehee.

    29 – Eye. No. Just, no.

    30 – *hides behind you*

    31 – ….

    32 – But it wouldn’t look CUTE if the boots were done up!

    33 – Ditto on the split word, but otherwise it’s my kinda cover. No faces!

    34 – Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’

    35 – I want a pirate ship house!

    36 – Not my thing, but I like the kickass girl!

    37 – Perhaps I’m now seeing things, but is there something in the sky, to the right of the moon?

    38 – Kat approves

    39 – Shit, I was planning on wearing a flapper dress for my next African jaunt. You mean it’s not right?

    40. …. again

    41. Is pretty.

    42. I want to like it but. Faces.

    43. Oh the clouds are awesome.

    Born Wicked – agreed, the hardcover is much better.
    Scent of Magic – just hate em both.
    If I Should Die – that was a pretty pointless redesign. And the photoshopping sucks – her right hand screams ‘I’ve never been to Paris!’
    Legacy of the Clockwork Key – I like the bird, he’s kinda cute!
    Night School – yep, with you again, love the creepy cover!
    The Becoming – redesigns are good – I’m going to have to check these ones out.
    How to Lead a Life of Crime – thief!
    The Dead and Buried – I actually like both of them, for completely different reasons!
    Perception – I have an overwhelming urge to give the girl on the UK cover a chap-stick.
    Beer and Groping in Las Vegas? Holy fuck that’s bad!

    Thanks for that lovey, you always have perfect timing with these posts. And look, I’m not commenting late – huzzah!

    • Christina says:

      2. I hate all of the ridiculous eyes on covers. I mean, seriously, eyes are pretty enough as is!

      3. Yes, you understand me!

      5. That might be the problem. Too many things that aren’t clear enough to make sense.

      6. Haha, actually the face is my favorite part. :-p


      10. I actual did like the original, but this is so fucking cheap that any interest I had (which was pretty much none after reading the reviews) is gone.

      11. I want to like the dress, but it’s not good. We do often like chastity in our YA heroines (we being crazy people not bloggers).

      12. Cheesepunk! LOVE it!

      17. I can see that. It’s not entirely evident she’s wearing a top.

      19. I think it’s feathers.

      20. Badasses always have the lowest pants.

      27. I like the font a lot too.

      28. Gross!

      32. …

      33. Haha, you have so much loathing for faces.

      35. Right? That shit’s the bomb!

      37. I think it’s just a cloud…

      If I Should Die: Her right hand is screaming? Lol.

      The Becoming: They so look like you books.

      Perception: …And I just had to put on chapstick.

  4. I really like the cover for Reboot. Like A LOT. And I actually like the cover for Embrace BETTER than the rest in the series. Not sure why, maybe because I feel it’s more pretty? And the girl looks a bit more voluptuous than the newer ones. I really like the re-designs for The Becoming series.

  5. Giselle says:

    There are so many covers lately! I’ve had to schedule them in advance on my FB bc can’t keep up! haha. I love the new Jessica Meigs covers they rock so hard!!

  6. HOLY SHIT. I love the new cover for Night School. Like, LOVE, LOVE. I also really like the cover for Reboot, simplistic but very cool and mysterious! Definitely looking forward to reading it, just because of that tagline (haven’t read the synopsis yet – too lazy). (Though the tagline is a biiiiit reminiscent of Unraveling, which unfortunately did not work out well for me, so hopefully this is better!) And I’m also not a fan of the new covers for The Violet Eden Chapters. I didn’t like the first cover, too, but to me the new covers are a bit too dull and boring. I also really like the cover for Frozen, especially the awesome skyline! And ugh at This Strange and Familiar Place’s cover. I wasn’t a fan of the first book’s cover, but I honestly don’t think this is an improvement. I just don’t like how both of the covers look cartoony.

    • Christina says:

      Isn’t it beautiful? And it’s OURS. Take that, UK! The US gets the best cover this time. Neener, neener!

      Agreed on Reboot. I love the simplicity. The tagline is like Unraveling’s a bit, and I’m not surprised you didn’t like it.

      They’re so cartoony, it’s true!

  7. Anonymous says:


    I loled.

  8. Kayla Beck says:

    1. Well, I guess she’s not ending up with a vampire. *sigh*

    2. Indie

    3. Simple yet fitting – I’ll allow it.

    4. What a strange ghost to have when everything else looks contemporary. Does he have a dominatrix haunting him?

    5. It’s bright and it gives me a headace. Maybe I should cancel my preorder. 😛

    6. I don’t really like the face in there, but the weird rainbow thing works, I suppose.

    7. Indie

    8. You make this way too easy for me. Well, if I was curvaceous like I was before birthing the spawn (without the chewed up bubblegum effect), I’d be doing sexy poses by myself, too. Anywho – attack of the 80s porn again.

    10. I’ve ranted on every cover reveal blog that I’m subscribed to. One of them deleted it. I want to fire ALL OF THE F’ING COVER DESIGNERS! *takes a deep breath* Yes, I hate terrible covers, but I will not abide one that is just flat out LAZY. *grumbles*

    11. I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like this. I just want to know what the hell that girl thinks she’s doing.

    12. Actually, the only problem that I have with this one is that the models don’t match. The dude looks realistic and the girl is cartoonish. Maybe if they lost him?

    13. *pees on self*

    14. Is she standing on a snow-covered mountain in a tank top and shorts? How stupid…

    15. You took the words right out of my mouth. If a guy wants to kiss me on a beach, it’ll be in my HOTEL ROOM ON THE BEACH. This just makes me think of all that sand that gets in my bathing suit bottoms.

    16. She’s a best-selling author – why the hell does this look indie?

    18. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Remind me to tell you a story that has somewhat to do with this.

    22. “My favorite color is chrome,” said the cover artist. “Let’s make this nonsensical, redneck AND awful all in one!”

    23. Christina, shame on you for not swooning! HE’S SMOLDERING FOR YOU! And he has a REALLY BIG SWORD. *stares*

    24. None of them try anymore.

    25. Please don’t tell me that I ordered a pink novel. 🙁


    30. I like it a lot. I want to wear a black lacy veil. 😀

    31. *sniggers*

    34. That actually hurts my eyes.

    35 & 36. I love middle grade novels. Maybe the cover artists for them should start doing the covers for YA, too, since they obviously like their jobs and want books to be read.

    43. I like this one better, too. Hooray for ginger covers!

    CB1. I LOVE the hardcover. The paperback is just silly – exactly like you said.

    CB2. Neither for me.

    CB4. I like the redo also. It reminds me of the owl (Bobo?) on Clash of the Titans. 😀

    WTF: I am fans of all of those, and I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t love that romantic comedy. I’m even tempted to take them up on that challenge just so I can say “I TOLD YOU SO!” But, I’m broke and not wasting my money.

    • Christina says:

      1. The tiger won? Or the wolfy?

      3. How big of you!

      5. Seriously. You have EVERYTHING on preorder!

      6. I feel like the fact that you called it a ‘weird rainbow thing’ is a sign of it NOT working.

      10. Why would someone delete your comments on this cover? Most people have had the same reaction as you, because THEY WERE FUCKING LAZY. That’s ridiculous!

      11. Seriously. What IS she doing?

      12. I think they both look cartoonish, as did the model on the first cover.

      13. Get yourself under control.

      14. OMG, she is. Those people need lessons on choosing altitude appropriate clothing.

      15. EXACTLY. The only beach making out will happen STANDING! Or on a beach chair, although that would leave awful lines.

      16. *shrugs*

      18. *on tenterhooks*

      22. Hell yeah!

      23. OH MY.

      25. OMG, this one TOO?

      26. *is totally convinced*

      30. The veil is AWESOME. I don’t think I would look good in it at all, but I still love it.

      34. Right? Too much white!

      35&36. Bahahaha, I’m glad you approve of some!

      43. Gingers are so cute!

      CB. *shakes fist*

      WTF. You’re broke because you preorder every single book. Just sayin’.

  9. Steena says:

    Dead Ever After: The tiger tail? I don’t…understand.

    Reboot: This is a pretty sweet color and makes used of the red, white, black in an eye-catching and not trite way.

    Day After: No, no, no. This is just a mess. He is not at all attractive and not even normal attractive. I don’t know why Lady Gaga is hovering in the background. And is that a cemetery in the distance?? Istanbul?

    Transparent: Only invisible girls can get away with hair that huge.

    Arclight: I like this cover and I want to read the book but I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t match the story.

    Inception: Is the ghost person a carving? I really like this one.

    Dirty Little Christmas: I just…wow. Uhm…am I right that we can totes see her ass?

    Captivated By You: Maybe he’s looking in a mirror. Also, very nice fake footprints.

    Ashes on the Waves: She’s never going to drown herself that way. She should have jumped, not just leaned forward. Noob.

    Charmed Vengeance: I almost like this, really, until I start looking at closely and I notice how awkward their hands are and her eye freak me out. It’s like magazine cutouts pieced together. Off-putting.

    Man Drought: BAHAHAHAHA!

    High Risk: Minus points for the awkward boob tilt. Out and too the left? Very uncomfortable.

    Nantucket Blue: YES! I HATE sand! Yelch! I do not even want to think about the places sand gets stuck when you have beach sex.

    Unresisting: I am honestly surprised there is not the lower half of a man form standing in front of her to the right side, wearing black pants and combat boots.

    Emblaze: Angels seems to wear a lot of corsets.

    A Conspiracy of Alchemists: It’s steampunk, hats are only for decoration! Is the font supposed to be blood or lipstick? Even so…I want to read this.

    Witch Fire: The helicopter seems out of place. Is it indicative of the “Modern world”?

    The Cursed: Really, Alyssa Day? Steel girding font??

    Kiss of Temptation: That gif made my night.

    Blue Bloods: Is that couple making out in the background?

    Wolf With Benefits: Can anyone make out the tagline? I am dying to know that middle word: No BLANK attached… Leashes? Loafers? AUGH!

    Another Little Piece: I actually approve of this tagline but only because I feel it explains something the title doesn’t, that she’s waiting for the train.

    Life After Theft: A good used of the sunglasses reflection.

    Born of Illusion: WANT.

    Demonosity: This cover makes me thing of “Suburgatory”

    Frozen: THIS BOOK IS SET IN TORONTO. Just fyi.

    House of Secrets: I want to go to there.

    Loki’s Wolves: I also approve of the girl holding the weapon (offensive) and the boy holding the shield (defensive).

    Omens: I think this cover could be equally eerie and more compelling if it were in focus.

    A Spear of Summer Grass: “So, there I was, in the Serengeti, all dolled up and no where to go, as they say.”

    The Runaway King: A disenthroned king with a broken sword. How original.

    September Girls: I will love almost anything that references September. I like the colors too.

    Born Wicked: Yep.

    Night School: Previous inception left me low, NOW I want to read this book. The power of a cover.

    How to Lead a Life of Crime: I like the graffiti cover, it’s king of meta.

    Beer and Groping in Las Vegas: Maybe it’s a huge hoax. The book has nothing to do with any of the fandoms listed in the blurb but they’re hoping to dupe a few of us into read this awful looking book.

    Born of Illusion is my win. She looks like Joy the Baker.

    • Christina says:

      Dead Ever After: My guess would be there’s maybe a tiger shifter in the series. I don’t know. I’ve only read the first three or four.

      Reboot: Is so delightful!

      Day After: Yeah, I have no idea. Are they supposed to be celtic crosses? I don’t know. She looks like someone out of Star Wars, one of the sexy dancers.

      Arclight: I’m a little uncertain how a story could match this.

      Inception: No idea, but I like it too.

      Dirty Little Christmas: I’m not entirely sure. O_O It might be dress folds. I THINK it is, but I see what you’re thinking.

      Captivated By You: Gah. Hadn’t noticed those. Ew.

      Charmed Vengeance: I don’t like this one at all. It’s a mess!

      Nantucket Blue: Right? Ugh. Sand is NOT going those places.

      Unresisting: BAHAHAHAHA

      Emblaze: It’s how they keep themselves in line.

      A Conspiracy of Alchemists: Or spray paint?

      Witch Fire: This is set in an alternate modern universe, so I think that and DANGER.

      The Cursed: Steel girding! I wanted to comment on that, but I didn’t know what to call that!

      Kiss of Temptation: I’m so glad someone looked at the gif!

      Blue Bloods: SURE IS!

      Wolf With Benefits: It’s leashes! You’re welcome.

      Another Little Piece: OHHHHHH, I didn’t get that. Dudley Doright, get your butt out here!

      Frozen: You recognize the Toronto skyline? Also, that explains why it’s so fucking cold.

      House of Secrets: Me too!

      Loki’s Wolves: Yup, it’s the best.

      Omens: Agreed.

      The Runaway King: Right? Never heard of it myself! *excitement*

      September Girls: Because it’s the best month ever and September Girls are the best girls?

      Night School: Same. I added this to my TBR.

      How to Lead a Life of Crime: Yup.

      Beer and Groping in Las Vegas: It’s a way to get another audience. Romance people will go for it anyway. She wants the nerds!

      Joy the Baker: O_O

  10. 1. I pretty much hate every single one of these covers.

    2. The color combination and title font stink. Sorry, they do.

    3. Love the simplicity.

    4. He looks like he is awkwardly punching the shadow.

    5. Too many colors. It looks like Vegas!

    6. Too many colors! My eyes!

    7. I think this is my favorite so far.

    8. A gun, a Christmas tree, and a woman taking her clothes off. You cannot make this shit up.

    9. I agree with you completely. Ridiculous.

    10. Wow. Lazy cover designers. And I wasn’t even a fan of the first cover but this one is even worse.

    11. I hate the title font. This looks self-published and I know it isn’t.

    12. Both of the covers in this series are corny and over the top. WAY too overdone.

    13. Mad Drought? Are they serious with that title? That is soooooo badddd!

    14. Nothing to say about this one. It is very meh.

    15. I love the title font but I agree with you completely about beach covers.

    16. Boring…but I want to read it too.

    17. This cover makes no sense. Is she in a karaoke bar?

    18. The colors are freaking awful.

    19. I agree. This does look like an adult UF cover.

    20. I like this one. In a weird I-can’t-figure-out-why way.

    21. Meh. I see what you are saying it just does nothing for me.

    22. That guy is not sexy.

    23. Ewww. That guy is even more not sexy.

    24. Those illustrations are kinda…BAD.

    25. Wow, is that ever so ugly and boring.

    26. The titles of this series are hilarious.

    27 and 28. I love both of those very much. I think 28 might be my favorite of the lot.

    29. End this fucking series already.

    30. I like the title font but the girl, she looks like Selma Blair. And I am not at ALL a fan of Selma Blair.

    31. You really made me laugh with your comment on this one because it is sooo true.

    32. Corny. And does make it look like it’s for a younger audience.

    33. I like this one and I am a fan of that shade of blue.

    34. This cover is just frickin weird. It creeps me out and not in a good way.

    35 and 36. I like both of the MG covers. I like a lot of MG covers. I do like the illustrated covers quite a bit if the artist can DRAW!!

    37. I like it but it’s not very special or eye-catching.

    38. This cover does nothing for me. Neither do the US ones.

    39 and 40. Both of these are very, very boring to me and my eye would pass right over them in a store.

    41 and 42. Love both of these a lot. I think 41 is my favorite one of the week. I’ve decided! I love underwater photos.

    43. This is almost EXACTLY like the cover of So Close to You.

    • Christina says:

      1. Me too, friend.

      2. No arguments here.

      4. BAHAHA, he so does.

      5&6. I do not like Vegas covers.

      7. Indie for the win!

      8. Nope. But someone can apparently.

      10. I will not lie: I liked the first cover, but not anymore.

      11. Yes! I agree.

      12. Yeah, they need to take some of their trying too hard and give it to the Carrier of the Mark books.

      17. I have decided to imagine those people with hands raised aren’t cheering but a zombie horde descending on her as she skips and dances. I like it more now.

      22 & 23. BAHAHA. They’re so gross.

      24. Kinda?

      25. Sure is.

      26. Right?

      27 & 28: Cool.

      29. AGREED.

      30. I see what you’re saying, but she looks like someone else to me, though I can’t think who.

      33. Blue is the prettiest color.

      34. Yes, thank you! I want to like it because diversity yay! But couldn’t they just put a real African boy on the cover instead of this horrifying illustration?

      35&36. Precisely. Ability to illustrate is a key factor in an illustrated cover.

      41:&42. I love both too!

      43. Really is, though I like it better.

  11. Yay, my weekly entertainment :)))
    1. I love this one, because for those who read this series the cover makes a lot of sense. Bats flying away – Eric, the dog – Sam, tiger’s tail – Quinn and the wolf is Alcide. I suspect she dumps all of them in the end 🙂
    2. HORRID
    3. GORGEOUS!!!
    4. Apart from his weird face? The composition is horrible, her sleeve is on his jeans. Also what is she wearing?
    5. Actually like it in a tripping on magic mushrooms way..
    6. Meh
    7. LURRVE mostly because of the colours. If you look at German covers for Succubus series by Richelle Mead, it looks like theay made by the same artist.
    8,9,10. Bleh.
    11. I can’t believe this is done by Nekro. I love this artist! I do like it by it’s just not to his usual intricate details. I don’t mind the typography as well.
    12. Whoa! Toomuch fake glittery steampunk. If you read the first book, it’s all about fae and very little actual steampunk, so I dislike the advertising of this book as steampunk.
    13. Boring
    14. I love that couple! For once the look is gorgeous and not cheesy. I just hate everything else on that cover 🙂
    15. Nice vintage typography. Otherwise it’s boring.
    16. Boring.
    17. Don’t get it.
    18. I’ve seen this cover before. Pretty revolting.
    19. it doesn’t do anything for me.
    20. Love! Plus I think it’s not a fascinator, it’s goggles on her head..
    21. boring
    22.I don’t like Alyssa Day, but the girl on the cover is bad ass!
    23. never like this model’s face on pnr covers. He looks ridiculous in that cape
    24. Note the position of the girl in the background! I just.can’t.
    27. Really lovely! beautiful colours!
    28. Cheeky, I would totally read this.
    29. It will never end, but I’m glad I gave up on it after the last book. It was godawful.
    30. I want to have babies with this cover 🙂 Love everything about it.
    32. Adore her boots and typography, I would be happier without tiny boys on her shoulders.
    Also, new Legacy of The Clockwork Key is badass. Love it!
    Beer and Groping in Las Vegas according to its name should have more to do with Johnny Depp tripping his head off than with Monty Python. Really baffling and have very uninspiring colours.

    • Christina says:

      1. Really? I didn’t get far enough into this for it to make sense. Oooh, I hope she does. That would be awesome. She is turning her back on them!

      4. No clue, but it is awful. Worse for every moment spent looking at it.

      5. Yes, but only in that way.

      7. *looks up* I see that!

      11. I really don’t know designers.

      12. Yeah, I’ve heard that, but haven’t read it.

      14. Bahaha

      15. Agreed.

      20. Are you sure? It seems awfully small and to one side for goggles.

      23. And the wings!

      24. Yeah, those people in the background are getting it on.

      29. Oh man, I remember that review!

      30. Maybe you should buy it dinner first. :-p

      Beer and Groping: Agreed.

  12. Haha you make me giggle so much. This is all clearly awesome.

  13. I think the cover for Dead Ever After is one the best in the series… which says how much I dislike the other ones.

    I love the cover for Reboot. Sometimes simpler is better.

    When I saw the cover for Shadow of the Mark on someone’s post it wasn’t until I scrolled down that I realized that it was the second book, that’s how awful the similar covers are. Looking at them side by side makes me want to cry.

    You are so right about making out on the beach… ick!

    I don’t think the cover of Gameboard of the Gods is boring… just simple. I like it.

    The cover of Security is more “stripper” than “James Bond”

    Demonosity looks so cute!

    I want Frozen real bad!

    I completely agree that we should stop comparing everything to The Hunger Games. Though at least that’s better than comparing everything to Twilight.

    • Ugh! I wasn’t finished!

      I love the cover of Parallel, I don’t even care what the book is about, I want it.

      I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the new Born Wicked cover. The whole reason why I bought that book was because of the cover. The new one is so…not appealing. It’s like all the other books! And it’s more irritating because pretty much EVERYONE liked the original cover. I never heard anyone say they didn’t like it!

    • Christina says:

      Bahaha, wow. You must hate them a lot. :-p

      Shadow of the Mark: Yeah, that’s BAD.

      Security: for sure.

      Comparing things to Twilight at least tends to be accurate though.

      The new cover is so awful. If everyone loves the old cover, why make it look cheesy and gross? *throws things*

  14. I just LOVE the cover for Reboot, like the more I look at it, the more I love it. Especially with the way the 1 7 8 stand out on the barcode. That’s pretty slick.

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