Cover Snark (28)

Welcome to Cover Snark, my weekly feature where I round up all the (interesting) covers I can find and share them with you. This is a free space to malign or fangirl over covers. Also, make sure to share any weird things you notice that I missed! Alright, or covers!

When You Were Here – Daisy Whitney
Thoughts: This one mostly bores me, but there is something I really like is that this guy doesn’t look as overtly male model-ish. He looks like a normal guy wearing normal clothes. I hate the shiny sun in the corner though. This happens on a cover every freaking week. Tag line = fail.
Forged by Greed (Forged #1) – Angela-Orlowski Peart
 Thoughts: According to the blurb on GR, this is about shifters. I guess I should have known since the jewel looks like a cheap knockoff of the ones on the Darkest Powers covers. For a self-pub, this is decent, but it’s not drawing me in either.

The Second Sign – Elizabeth Arroyo
Thoughts: DERRRRPPPP. Has there ever been a week without some badly-designed angel wings? I don’t think so. What’s up with all the little white circles? Did they not wash the camera lens? Do I even need to point out the absurdity of her pose? Show of hands: how many of you have ever sat like that? Not me. Also, doing so in your nightgown in the middle of a creepy ass forest is not recommended. If not for the placement of her left arm, she would be flashing us right now. Also, what is the ground made of? It looks like tree bark or something.

The Savage Protector (Savage #4) – Tamara Rose Blodgett

Thoughts: What happened to the ginger girl from the other covers? I just don’t know what to say about this. It looks like a poor man’s cover for the Fallen series or something. Is it just me or is weird how he’s grabbing her like that? It would look like a cuddle if he weren’t turning away on the other side. Is he dragging her somewhere? Seems like a weird way to do it, especially since she has a sword. Are they fighting and she just stole his sword? I mean, she doesn’t have a scabbard. Maybe he hasn’t quite realized she’s onto him as someone untrustworthy. Also, BIRD. The worst thing about these covers? They totally waste the fact that this series is apparently steampunk. I want clockwork gadgetry!

The Paparazzi Project – Kristina Springer
Thoughts: Based on her expression, I’m pretty sure she just spotted some sort of Cocoon type situation through her lens. Seriously, looks how grossed out she is! The paparazzi wallpaper behind her is kind of cool though.
Apollyon (Covenant #4) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

 Thoughts: I really have nothing to say about this, other than that the covers for this series are SO much better than the ones for the Lux series. This might be the best one so far too.
The Dollhouse Asylum – Mary Gray
 Thoughts: My first instinct was total judgment, but, actually, I really like the basic concept. However, the eyes are too electric blue and the font is so obviously copied from The Rules. I’m not really sure what’s up with the background to be honest. For a moment, I thought the lines were holding her up, but the two in the middle go past her shoulders, so I don’t know.
Miss Me Not – Tiffany King
 Thoughts: Well, on the win side, I didn’t take this for a self-pub, so good job there. The cover itself is good quality and I like the font. I’m pretty sure that model is going to kill me in my sleep or maybe just tell me I look fat in these pants. Could go either way.
Beauty Awakened (Angels of the Dark #2) – Gena Showalter

 Thoughts: What is with this trend wherein cover designers apparently thing angel wings will look less stupid if they just hover in the air at the top of the cover? They do that in this series too, and I know I’ve seen it elsewhere. Half-naked man also has a lame tattoo on his back. Tattoos can look awesome, but they fail a lot on covers too. I do think this explains a lot about Alice in Zombieland.
Sky on Fire (Monument 14 #2) – Emmy Laybourne

Thoughts: This cover fits the series perfectly and works well as a series. I do hate that the series title is larger than the book’s title, but whatever. Two issues: 1) I can’t look at this without snickering. 2) Could they possibly have made those fires look any more fake? I’m thinking it would be tough.
Fire (Elemental #4) – Shauna Granger

Thoughts: Oh man, this cover is SO MUCH BETTER than the rest of the series, even with the cheesy fire in his hand (which still looks better than the fire on the Sky on Fire cover. Also, second dude on a cover that isn’t a Fabio or Abercrombie type. Whoa.
 Reaction (Reflection #2) – Jessica Roberts

Thoughts: These are seriously good indie covers for the most part. I don’t know what’s up with this model’s expression or the necklace that looks poorly photoshopped, but otherwise good. I want to punch these taglines in the kidneys though. Book one’s says, “Was six perfect months with the guy of my dreams, only a dream?” Barf, both for how nauseatingly icky it is and for the misuse of that comma. Book two continues with “The dream is over, and reality begins…” THUNK. Oh, sorry about that, just my head meeting my desk there.
Thrill Ride (Black Knights Inc. #4) – Julie Ann Walker

 Thoughts: BAHAHAHAHAH. Oh man. From the title to the half-naked dude to the series name to the quote, this cover is hilarious. I would also like to point out that I’m pretty sure he’s not sitting on a motorcycle, which was my first assumption.

The Pirate’s Wish (The Assassin’s Curse #2) – Cassandra Rose Clarke

Thoughts: Full jacket design reveal for the sequel. I’m a little disappointed. I do like the color and I really enjoy the style of these covers. I just don’t know what’s up with that creature. It looks EXACTLY like the bad guys from a My Little Pony movie I used to watch all the time when I was kid. Check it out! Also, I hope they don’t keep the author’s name like that, because it is barely legible.
Promise of Blood (Powder Mage Trilogy #1) – Brian McClellan

 Thoughts: Powder mages? When I think powder, I think of women in the fifties doing their makeup. Okay, whatever. Mostly, I don’t care about this cover, BUT I think the tagline is badass: “The age of kings is dead…and I have killed it.” Boom! Oh, but does anyone else think this title sounds like a ripoff of There Will Be Blood? Only, this time there will actually be blood.
Light of the Moon (Legend of the Dreamer #1) – David James

 Thoughts: Dude, the self-pubs are making a really good show this week. Surprisingly, what I really like about this cover are the font treatments, which usually are the downfall of self-pubs. The one thing I hate? That the male model is hugging himself. What’s up with that?

Taking Back Forever (The Kindrily Series #2) – Karen Amanda Hooper

Thoughts: Another decent indie cover! What is this madness? The filigree and clocks are acceptable. The font’s not the best, but it’s passable. What’s up with putting things in cages? This is a strange cover trend. Also, funny that it’s not a bird in the cage even though there are feathers everywhere. Make sure not to miss the surprise eyes!
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – April Genevieve Tucholke

Thoughts: So if I take the title literally, which I enjoy doing, then that dude is the devil. Much as I love fancy fonts, I feel like there’s a bit too much of it here. :-/

Sweet Deception (Veiled Seduction #2) – Heather Snow

 Thoughts: Pretty dress!

Dark Nebula (The Chronicles of Kerrigan #2) – W.J. May

Thoughts: Font fail. Series fail. Otherwise, I just don’t care.

Reviver – Seth Patrick

Thoughts:I have no idea what this book is about, but I added this immediately to GR just based on this cover. This is science fiction awesomeness.

 Wicked Beautiful (Drake #1) – Richard Denney

Thoughts: Dude, that girl totally looks like the actress from Revenge! What is with all the hands in pockets this week?

Hidden Wings – Cameo Renae

Thoughts: Yay! Thanks to the title they couldn’t put wings on this one. Thank goodness for small mercies. Actually, I rather like this, though the tagline is lame, as usual. The title font is pretty, though.

Sweet Damage – Rebecca James

Thoughts: This looks like a True Crime cover. Or, similarly, a poster for a movie to air on Lifetime.

The Color of Rain – Cori McCarthy

Thoughts: PROSTITUTES IN SPACE! You may think I’m being a bitch to assume that this woman sells herself for money, but I’m totally not; that’s the plot for reals. I can’t make this shit up. I also have to comment on that font choice for RAIN. What the eff? It’s ironically not the color of (more the color of traffic barrels) and it appears to be the texture of denim. I do like the background. [Also, anyone whose first thought upon reading the first sentence was of Firefly, you are a kindred spirit. Let’s be best friends.]

 Cover Battle: The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: The Call of the Forgotten #1) – Julie Kagawa

US vs. UK: Obvious win for the UK. Look how creepy that cover is! The US one is just a stupid romance novel cover.
 Cover Battle: Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Hardback/Paperback vs. Movie Tie-In: Oh man, that movie is going to be so bad. Look at it! *snorts*

Cover Battle: Possess – Gretchen McNeil vs. Possess – J.A. Howell

 Thoughts: Well, it’s pretty obvious this one was ripped off of the cover for Gretchen McNeil’s book. However, I actually like the indie/self-pub better. O_O Except for the fonts, although the title font on McNeil’s is awful too.

WTF of the Week: Lost Volumes (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #3) – Marsha A. Moore 

Thoughts: Why write a series entitled Enchanted Bookstore Legend if you’re not going to put books on the cover? And if you’re not going to put books on the cover, I still don’t think whatever the fuck that little creature is would be the next best choice.

Outstanding Cover of the Week: Reviver by Seth Patrick

30 responses to “Cover Snark (28)”

  1. KM says:

    Totally agree on the new Assassin’s Curse book – love the concept but wtf is the creature thing??

    I actually sorta love the new Daisy Whitney cover, but I think my excitement for the book itself is maybe coloring my opinion. I’m so desperate to get my hands on that book!

    • Christina says:

      Haha, yeah, I mean, it’s just SO distracting. Like, what is that? You even read the first book and it’s still unclear. Hrm.

      I know a lot of people like it. It’s just sort of generic to me, and I hate sun glare on covers almost always. I don’t know anything about the book really. Guess I should read the blurb to see why you’re so excited. :-p

  2. Kayla Beck says:

    1. When I take pictures, it pisses me off when there is a major glare. It hurts my eyes. As does this cover. I’m sure the publishers don’t care because it’s a well known fact that I flee from contemporary novels. Maybe they did this on purpose. You know, because the world revolves around me. (I’m sorry you had to find out this way.)

    2. If this isn’t indie, someone should lose their job.

    3. Her limbs are quite grotesque and do not match. Especially the tattooed calf. Poor, poor angel.

    4. Apparently, the ginger girl now has a Siamese twin and they chose to become brunette. Where are the pretty covers this week?

    5. You’re just doing indies this week?

    6. I don’t like these covers. *sigh*

    7. I’ll just be saying more of the same as with the other unfortunate indie books.

    8. She should fire her makeup artist. She has too much bronzer on her cheeks.

    10. I don’t like the font, but I really like the school bus. I wish I could bring myself to read this series.

    11. Yes Mr. Model, that is indeed fire.

    12. I like her shirt and her real bracelets.

    13. I think that front part of whatever contraption that is that is coming out from between his legs is a metaphor for something else. I think he may be compensating for something. 😉

    14. I actually like this cover. Maybe not as well as the first book, but I’ll allow it. (They should use the same font for the author’s name as last time.)

    15. I kind of like this. He is a badass manly man. Maybe Sam Elliott should start doing book covers… *fantasizes*

    16. He’s hugging himself because his sweater is not keeping him warm on his little asteroid. I do like this cover, except for the model. Real people are tricky tricky.

    17. Meh

    18. This was the biggest disappointment for me. They need to get a different background, make the font smaller, and show me a smexy devil-man. Sam Elliott… Wait… What?

    19. Yep, pretty dress.

    21. I hate lone eyes on covers. *shudders*

    Cover Battles:

    The UK cover of The Lost Prince is pretty fantastic. They should tone down the blue a little.

    I think I’ve said enough for today. Now to work… *sigh*

  3. Christina says:

    1. Oh, I already knew the world revolved around pissing you off. I imagine that’s why there are so many stupid people and only crazy people use libraries.

    2. It’s a self-pub.

    3. Yup. Her limbs are crazy.

    4-8. These first ones aren’t good, I agree.

    10. Oh, right, the young kids and the violent deaths. I remember that. Ummm, maybe when your daughter’s a little older?

    12. The shirt is pretty cool.

    13. If he’s not compensating, OUCH.

    14. YOU LIKE A COVER? *dies of shock*

    15. ANOTHER ONE?!?!?! Who are you?

    16. Ahhhh, snark. The real Kayla’s back!

    18. EWWWWWW, I just googled Sam Elliott because I didn’t know who he was and OMG so gross. What about that hairy old man is sexy? *rinses out eyes* I now love this cover just to spite you.

    21. I usually do, but i like it here.

    Lost Prince: Yeah. At least in the eyes.

    • Kayla Beck says:

      I’m medicated this week, so I’m only being mean to Mister. I can stand to be nice to a few book covers. Hell, I’m not even canceling my pre-order for Black City because I like the cover so well!

  4. Steena says:

    Holy Shitsnacks that’s a lot of covers! Okay, *rolls up sleeves* let’s do this.

    When You Were Here: I hate that the sun is blurring out his face. I like everything else about this cover, down to the scrawly, masculine handwriting font.

    Forged By Greed: I don’t know how I feel about covers that so obviously display their locale. THIS BOOK IS IN SEATTLE, BE AWARE. I mean, unless you’re trying to convey a specific mood of a location in a certain time (e.g. Renaissance Venice, Victorian London, etc.), I just don’t feel like it’s important. Contemporary Seattle conveys nothing to me.

    The Second Sign: She looks so uncomfortable and she’s flexing the toes of her right leg and I’m not entirely sure her legs are attached to her torso. But her wings aren’t tiny! That’s a step in the almost right direction.

    The Savage Protector: And her expression is just so vacant. How can she even be bothered to hold onto that sword? She is the honey badger of cover models. Look how many fucks she does not give. She’s only bothering to look at the bird because it’s crossing her line of sight.

    Paparazzi: I am okay with this cover up until the author font. Blerg.

    Apollyon: I’m glad they took out the random person in the background. That shoulder entirely spoils Deity.

    Miss Me Not: I love this cover until I look at her face. She’s pretty but they WAY over did the blush and she looks super judgey.

    Beauty Awakened: I laughed in the midst of my (thankfully) empty office at this one. Also, what is wrong with his elbow?

    Elemental Series: I like these covers but it may be because they all look so surprised to be on a cover. “What? Oh! You’re taking a picture? Cool!”

    Reaction: The book is called Reaction. Why is she not having a reaction? Also, why we do we keep using vacant, staring off into the distance models?

    Thrill Ride: I’m pretty sure only half-naked David Hasselhoff could improve this cover.

    The Pirate’s Wish: I concur but I still totally dig this cover.

    Promise of Blood: I actually think this would have been more intriguing if the tagline were the title. Promise of Blood is kind of blah, The Age of Kings is Dead and I have Killed It, though long, is memorable. I wish I had ANY photoshop skills to make a Powder Mage ad using 1950s housewives.

    Taking Back Forever: I was cool with this cover, up until the “surprise eyes” and now I feel like they won’t stop watching me and it is unsettling.

    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: I saw this cover earlier this week and I LOVE it. That may be because every time I see it I hear Carbon Leaf.

    Dark Nebula: I actually liked the first cover but this is just disappointing.

    Wicked Beautiful: Why is it that cover models never seem bothered by anything? Are they hopped up on Prozium?

    The Color of Rain: I don’t like this cover but I will read this based solely on “PROSTITUTES IN SPACE”. They should probably use that as the tagline. [We already are.]

    Beautiful Creatures: I have yet to prefer a movie tie-in cover.

    • Christina says:

      When You Were Here: Masculine…purple font?

      Forged by Greed: Wow, I didn’t recognize the Seattle skyline…I’ve even been there. Every single book set in Paris feels the need to put the Eiffel Tower on the cover. Ridiculous.

      The Second Sign: Yup, her wings are actually the most accurate looking part of her body, which I find exceedingly upsetting.

      The Savage Protector: Bahaha, she is a honeybadger. She would chop that bird out of the air for daring to cross her sightline if she gave even one fuck. Luckily for the bird, she does not.

      Paparazzi: Even with her expression? Eh.

      Apollyon: I agree. The color for Deity was also quite icky, imo.

      Miss Me Not: Yup. Too much makeup. Too much judgment.

      Beauty Awakened: Oh, that is weird. It’s super pointy on the side for some reason. Eek. He should get that looked at.

      Elemental: Especially Air. She may have just peed herself in surprise.

      Reaction: Especially since most readers do not like their heroines vacant and inactive. DO SOMETHING.

      Thrill Ride: *Tries to picture* *regrets*

      The Pirate’s Wish: Noted.

      Promise of Blood: Agreed about the title. Also, I wish I had skills to do things like that all the time. I also wish I had the money to buy Photoshop in the first place.

      Taking Back Forever: Hahahaha, I find those hidden gems for you.

      Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Awwww, I like it better now for thinking of Carbon Leaf.

      Dark Nebula: Oh man, I hate the first one. I think because her eyes don’t look like they’re in quite the same positions.

      Wicked Beautiful: To me she looks skeptical. She’s totally making a face. He’s wondering where he left his car.

      The Color of Rain: I think they are. I clicked on the link bc everyone was tweeting about a book cover for prostitutes in space. And I knew it would be PERFECT for this feature.

      Beautiful Creatures: There are a couple I like, but mostly only because I happen to own them, I think, so they’re special to me.

  5. Blodgett’s covers used to look more interesting. The Pearl Savage had this nice vintage looking girl on it ( that’s how I remember it, however the plot is a mess which reflects new covers better. She’s got everything in this series!

    I really disliked Covenant’s covers. I think they are extremely boring, and Deity is plain nasty, but I’m prejudiced. I don’t like the author’s writing.

    Thrill Ride is too funny for words!What is he sitting on?!

    The Colours of Rain reminded me Pretty Woman – messy beginning of 90s hair. She badly needs new color and haircut :)))

    Great picks this week, Christina!

    • Christina says:

      Hmm, that cover is a bit better, I guess, though they all look terrifyingly indie.

      Deity’s definitely the worst of them. They’re not my favorite covers ever by any means, but they’re way better than Armentrout’s people covers.


      She does have 90s hair. Too true.

  6. I like the new JLA cover. I think I have a thing for fire. Also what is with that Possess cover? Those are far too similar in title and cover. There was so much more I wanted to comment on… I suck at these posts. hmm… maybe I can find a ways to make the comment box be in a different window… hmmm… I’m rambling. Thanks for sharing!

  7. M.A.D. says:

    Girl, you crack me up!!! 😀
    The Second Sign – *Derrrp* hahahahaha (wipes tears from eyes)
    Oh, even if I don’t take the time to respond/remark on each cover, do
    know that I read each one and get a (much-needed) chuckle! <3

  8. M.A.D. says:

    Sorry, had to chime back in …
    The Color of Rain … *PROSTITUTES* in Space!!!
    (stitch in side from laughing too hard) 😀

    The only thing that could have made this better/worse is a picture of Miss Piggy … “Prostitute PIGS in Space” lol

  9. There are some trainwreck covers this week. The Second Sign and The Save Protector are AWFUL. That body pose. The creepy guy with the weird facial expression standing behind the girl.

    I do freaking love the cover of Apollyon though. That’s my favorite cover color and it’s my favorite cover of the series.

    There are some great indie covers this week. But not all of them. That last one? Holy shnikeys is that shit-tastic.

    • Christina says:

      Yeah, awful. Yay! I love that color. I hate most shades of orange, but I really love the one that’s approaching red.

      Pretty much. I was impressed by the indies this week.

  10. I actually loveeeee the Daisy Whitney cover.

    I also like the indie cover for Light Of The Moon.

    I dislike the cover of the Between the Devil and something or other book. The font’s just way too big and kind of looks slapped on and cheap. Sigh.

    • Christina says:

      Haha, see, I knew some people really liked it.

      Me too.

      Yeah, I’m not a fan either. It’s almost awesome, but it’s just too much font, and it’s a little bit hard to read. There’s a pretty background, so I feel like the focus shouldn’t be on the font.

  11. Ok the cover whore in me is jumping up and down for a few of these, love the Monument 14 #2 cover, Taking Back Forever and Dollhouse

  12. Jaime Lester says:

    When You Were Here: Eh. Just blah. And the sunlight is bad.

    Forged by Greed: Ugh. Just ugh!

    The Second Sign: The fake tattoo is awful. And it looks like her leg is broken. Are those orbs coming out of her ear?

    The Savage Protector: This ain’t no Steampunk. And is dude……? I don’t even know what he is doing. Nothing good, I tell you. The random Dove is pretty, but rather… random?

    The Paparazzi Project: The only good thing about this thing is the camera. That looks like a really nice one.

    Apollyon: I love all of these covers. They are simple, but eye-catching. This latest is the best, though.

    The Dollhouse Asylum: I love everything about this cover. The font, the cracks on her, her bright blue eyes. It is all very creeptastic!

    Miss Me Not: Good for self-pub, but it looks like so many other books out there.

    Beauty Awakened: UGH! And why even put wings on the cover when they aren’t even attached to a being of some sort? Wings don’t just float around all by themselves.

    Sky On Fire: These are pretty good. But the “fires” truly are fake looking, aren’t they?

    Fire: I know the covers are supposed to each represent a different element, but other than Fire, I don’t see how. Colors don’t equal elements. And the first 3 just don’t go together. The Water cover looks mangaish, or am I crazy?

    Reaction: They are both pretty covers, but this one doesn’t go with the first one at all? Why can’t they make series covers cohesive? Great example= J.L.A’s Covenant series

    Thrill Ride: Boring Ride

    The Pirate’s Wish: I love both of these covers. They are awesome in every way.

    Promise of Blood: Eh. Tag line is bad ass though

    Light of the Moon: So-so, but nothing special

    Taking Back Forever: I liked the first one, but I really love the second. I love the color scheme.

    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Love. It! Amazing!

    Sweet Deception: Would you let me borrow that awesome dress?

    Dark Nebula: Just…No!

    Reviver: Pretty cool. Definitely creepy.

    Wicked Beautiful: I really like this one. A lot, actually. And that chick totally looks like Amanda/Emily

    Hidden Wings: One of my (6) favorite covers on the Snark this week. I really, really like this one.

    Sweet Damage: I like the cover, but the authors name is HUGE. I think it would loo better if the authors name was smaller, and they could drop the title down a little ways. But it taint bad

    The Color of Rain: This one just sucks

    The Last Prince: No doubt, sista. No doubt at all.

    Beautiful Creatures: I love this series, and I have liked all of the covers. I like the movie poster without all of the people on it a lot better. And I think the movie has a chance to be great. I saw a preview on the big screen tonight when I went to see Pitch Perfect and I thought it was awesome!

    Possess: They are both good covers. And they are both creepy, creepy!

    WTH of the week: I don’t have words.

    Thanks for this meme. One of my favorites.

    • Christina says:

      When You Were Here: Someone who hates sunlight like me.

      The Second Sign: OMG, the orbs MIGHT be coming out of her ear. O_O

      Apollyon: I agree. This one’s definitely the prettiest.

      Beauty Awakened: I think it’s because wings look stupid on people, so they want to convey angels without them on the person, but it’s worse!

      Fire: You’re not crazy. Water looks really different. She looks like an evil manga mermaid or something. The one for Earth REALLY doesn’t work for it’s element.

      Reaction: They at least made all the fonts match. *shrug*

      Taking Back Forever. The color scheme is great. I’m meh on the image, but the covers look nice.

      Wicked Beautiful: Yes! Someone else sees it!

      Sweet Damage: It is ridic how huge the author’s name is.

      Beautiful Creatures: I haven’t seen the trailer. The movie could be better than the book, I think.

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!

  13. Kat Balcombe says:

    Alright, let’s get busy *rolls up sleeves*.

    The Second Sign: Even the photoshopping is crap. Her left arm has a huge dent in it.

    The Savage Protector: I don’t mind the first three, but the fourth one just looks so uncomfortable. Someone’s feeling stabby!

    Paparazzi Project: Really don’t like the author’s name font. It reminds me of a kids book.

    Apollyon: I like the ethereal feeling of those covers, but I always think the authors name disappears a little too much. Dude, if I wrote books, I’d want people to be able to read my name!

    Dollhouse Asylum: That creeps me out, and not in a good way.

    Miss Me Not: I is scared.

    Beauty Awakened: I’m still so upset about Alice in Zombieland I have no comment.

    Reactions: Tag lines are SO UNNECESSARY! Gah!

    Thrill Ride: Is that some kind of phallic sculpture he’s perching upon?

    Light of the Moon: Maybe he’s cold? Could be winter.

    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: The more I see this one, the more it grows on me. I spose without the huge font it’d be a pretty boring cover otherwise…

    Sweet Damage: Hahahaha! It DOES look like a poster for a Lifetime movie!

    Prostitutes in Space. Oh my life.

    Agreed, Reviver is definitely the best cover of the week!

    • Kat Balcombe says:

      Oh just noticed Steena was also rolling up her sleeves. I didn’t ‘Possess’ that line, honest!

    • Christina says:

      The Second Sign: People really shouldn’t do much in photoshop if they don’t know what they’re doing.

      Savage Protector: It’s SO awkward.

      Paparazzi: Bahaha, so true. Or like an elementary schooler’s notes.

      Apollyon: That’s how I feel about the Pirate cover later on. People always misspell Armentrout’s last name. I wonder if that’s why…

      Miss Me Not: Isn’t she horrifying? *shivers*

      Beauty Awakened: Wasn’t AiZ just awful?

      Reaction: Tag lines should be used only in rare circumstances.

      Thrill Ride: Must be.

      Light of the Moon: Space is so cold!

      Between the Devil: That’s funny, because I am having the opposite experience.

      Sweet Damage: Right? Her mom probably trapped her in the basement or something.

      *high fives*

  14. I cannot get past PROSTITUTES IN SPACE!!!! O.o

  15. BlurredVeg says:

    Thanks for the selection! One thing, the Reviver cover, according to the publisher it’s not the one they’re going for:
    Any thoughts on the others?

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