Top Ten Characters I Wish I Could Change Places with for 24 Hours

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Well, since I’m all about escapism, I am all over this challenge. The only difficulty will be selecting only ten. That and trying to find ones where I won’t have to be in pain sometimes because they get attacked a lot. None of that. Anyway, this is going to be a sort of random bunch, but that’s the fun, right? Here they are in no particular order! Where possible, I’ve linked to my reviews. Click on the cover image to go to Goodreads and add the book yourself.

1) Katsa of Graceling – because I want to have powers of badassery
2) Hermione of Harry Potter – so I can go to Hogwarts, duh!
3) Celaena of Throne of Glass – so I can be hardcore AND have two hot guys that want me
4) Sam of Before I Fall  – because I think it would rock to do crazy things w/ one of her days

5) Emma of Spellbound/Spellcaster – so I can know what it feels like to be loved that much
6) Rileigh of Katana – four words: hot asian love interest
7) Alera of Legacy/Allegience – so I can help her make up her damn mind…and be a princess
8) Scar of Scarlet – so I can hang out with Robin Hood’s gang

9) Kahoko of La Corda d’Oro – HELLO, reverse harem
10) Catherine of Northanger Abbey – because Mr. Tilney is my favorite, and I deserve him more

11 responses to “Top Ten Characters I Wish I Could Change Places with for 24 Hours”

  1. Haha, I love your reasons for wanting to trade places with Celaena in Throne of Glass. I haven’t read the book yet (but REALLY want to!) but I think my reasons would be the same, too! I’d love to be able to kick butt with some weapons 😉

    Love this post! So fun!! 😀

    • Christina says:

      You should definitely read the book. It is AWESOME. Also, Celaena kicks so much butt that people even pay her to do it. I wouldn’t want to be her all the time, because she definitely gets some major injuries, but I wouldn’t mind the days where she gets to go to parties!

  2. DMS says:

    I would definitely want to switch places with Harry and go to Hogwarts! That would be a blast. 🙂


    • Christina says:

      I totally wanted to put in a male character to swap places with but couldn’t decide on one. Harry would have worked. It might be interesting to be a dude for a day.

  3. Cindy says:

    I think everyone wants to go to Hogwarts as some character or other. It would be pretty awesome 😀 You chose some great and unique characters 🙂

  4. Hermoine is of course my favorite choice, but I like that you picked Sam. I would definitely want to be with her on I think it was the fourth day – the one were she went all crazy. Though I liked her softer side a bit more.

    • Christina says:

      Yeah, I wanted to get a wide variety of options. Of course, ideally, I would want to be Sam for more than one day, so I could really go crazy and do a study in what changing one thing can change. :-p

  5. Great picks! I really want to start the Graceling series. They sound good & I’ve heard many great things about them.

    Thanks for sharing!:)

  6. Sheila says:

    I loved this post and want to do it on my blog! My first thought was your 2. Hermione granger. I have always wanted to have her experiences, except for kissing Ron! I also agree with you about Scarlett. I also would love to be Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. I would love to challenge Mr. Darcy for a day.


    • Christina says:

      I wouldn’t mind kissing Ron so much… 😉

      Elizabeth Bennet probably should have been on here, but I decided to keep myself to one Austen and Tilney is my favorite of her heroes. Darcy’s my second choice, though, and my personality is definitely more like Elizabeth’s.

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