Review: Hot Gimmick

Review: Hot GimmickHot Gimmick by Miki Aihara
Published by VIZ Media on September 19, 2006
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Scanlation

When high school girl Hatsumi has to go buy a pregnancy test because her popular sister Akane is "late," who does she run into but her creepy bully neighbor Ryoki! And now he's blackmailing her to become his slave! How will mild-mannered Hatsumi get out of this mess? Will Hatsumi's childhood crush (and male model) Azusa be able to save her from Riyoki's clutches?

Hot Gimmick is a series I have read before, and, though I didn’t like it, I really wanted to review it, thus the rereading. Anyway, pretty much the whole thing pisses me off, because the series is pretty much entirely about Hatsumi being taken advantage of by every single guy in her life. Hatsumi herself seems to have no ability to see through dishonesty, willpower to resist romantic attacks or strength. This series is where feminism goes to die.

Guy #1: Ryouki. At the outset, we are introduced to Hatsumi, who is the slave to the stern, bullying, sexually harassing, glasses-wearing guy who lives in her building. Why? Because he caught her buying a pregnancy test for her younger sister. If he tells his mother, who controls the housing complex, her family would get kicked out. So, of course, this gives him the right to try to force her to have sex with him. I think we’re supposed to like him, because it’s obvious that he’s really into her and is only treating her like shit because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions. Yeah, not feeling that AT ALL.

Guy #2: Azusa. He’s Hatsumi’s childhood friend, who would try to protect her from Ryouki’s bullying. His family just moved back to town and he’s supporting her again. They quickly start dating, because he’s so sweet and hot (model), and she’s had enough of putting up with Ryouki (only she still lets him do whatever he wants). Except, le shock!, Azusa is actually just dating her to piss off someone to get vengeance for something. Awesome.

Guy #3: Shinogu. Presenting the only nice guy in the series. Surprise! He’s her brother. Okay, so they’re not actually siblings by blood, but they have been raised that way. He knows they’re not related and has been in love with her forever, but she doesn’t know, so sees him just as her brother. Clearly, he would be her best choice despite the super awkwardness that would be involved, however, he also has no shot because he’s been raised as her brother. Isn’t it lovely that dating her brother is what you have to root for, because everyone else is just trying to rape her or seduce her to their own ends?

When it comes down to it, though, this series is very readable, in the same way that a lot of very frustrating books are (think Twilight or maybe this Fifty Shades of Grey I’ve heard about). Clearly, women are useless, stupid clumsy creatures to be fought over and/or won by studly males. Ugh! As much as I hated that, the story moves along at a swift pace and I do like the art. Thus the 2.5, which I kind of hate myself for.

If you like strong heroines and respectful menfolk, do not read this. However, if you want to read something to prepare you for a feminist rant, this will definitely get you fighting mad.

6 responses to “Review: Hot Gimmick”

  1. Michelle says:

    Just wanted to let you know I stopped by your blog after reading the comments on the Stacked post ( and am now following you blog.

  2. Christina says:

    Thanks Michelle!

  3. Disincentive says:

    Now you made me never want to read it! I hate that kind of stories so much >< Thanks so I won't waste my time 🙂

  4. Oh, this makes me sad. I purchased Hot Gimmick on a whim because it was in one of those Manga omnibuses and at the time I was like I NEED TO READ MANGA, but then never got to it. I guess I was just hoping it would be like Peach Girl or Mars.

    Still, your reasons for dislike are legit. Like, I imagine someday I’ll read Hot Gimmick but am totally fine putting it off.

    • Christina says:

      Another manga fan! Hurrah! It is very readable, but will probably make you mad.

      And, just for some perspective, I did really like both Peach Girl and Mars, which I even reviewed a while back.

  5. Christina Kit. says:

    It’s too bad you didn’t like it, but I find even if that’s the case the artwork is awesome!

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