A Chance to Win a Free (Rather Excellent) Middle Grade Fiction Book!

This offer does not come from me, but from the publisher (Bancroft Press). To drum up additional interest in The Young Inventors Guild series by Eden Unger Bowditch, they have created a game. It’s called Faye’s Contraption. You have to pick up beakers using a mechanical arm, but not pick up the assistants. It’s all about timing, folks.

Only the first in the series, The Atomic Weight of Secrets, or, The Arrival of the Mysterious Men in Black is currently available. I read it back in March and reviewed it here. As you can tell, I really enjoyed it, which is why you might want to go play the game and see if you can get a high enough score to win yourself a copy for FREE!

If you want to play Faye’s Contraption in hopes of winning a copy of the book, here’s where you go. You can access the game in two ways: on the website (click on the Games section in the bottom right and then select Faye’s Contraption in the resulting modal) or on facebook. If you beat the high score by July 17th, e-mail a screen shot of your score to Clara Roberts (clrob002(at)goucher(dot)edu) at Bancroft Press.

Best of luck!

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