Reason for My Silence

My Trip to Orlando

The reason I haven’t been posting, or finished any books, this week is that I have been on a journey. I went to Orlando for the wedding of my dear friend Annie. I was actually a bridesmaid, which was really sweet of her. She was the most beautiful bride! I know people always say that, but she looked like an elven princess from Lord of the Rings…it doesn’t get much better than that! She walked down the aisle to the lovely title song, which I simply had to acquire post-wedding weekend.

The half a week that being down there took up was incredibly busy. I took my Kindle, but had not a second for reading. There were college friends to visit with, the bachelorette party to attend, photos to smile for and bridesmaid duties to perform. I never realized how much work it is being a bridesmaid (mostly because of the trying to stand still in tall heels at the front of a church with a brick floor). On the plus side, I didn’t fall. Also, bridal party dances are mighty awkward.

The excitement didn’t end with my time in Orlando. On my way back to Atlanta, I got stuck in a snow storm. What the what?! Atlanta has 5-6 inches of snow. It’s more snow than I remember us ever getting before. Pretty much crazers. I plan to take some pictures tomorrow and will post them (I wanted to today, but it kept sleeting and I worried for the safety of my camera).

Book reviews will return soon. Either this evening or tomorrow!

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